If you’ve any unwanted car that is not in running condition, or damaged or parked in your garage for a long time. And you want to remove it with some money in your hands then you can make it possible through our free car removals Melbourne service. We offer handsome cash up to $8,999 for cars, vans, trucks, 4wds with our free car removals Melbourne service. Call on 03 8707 4699 or 0431 403 630 and get all details how you can remove your car without any hassle and tension.

free car removals Melbourne service

Our car removals Melbourne service is designed in such a way that you can get maximum cash for you unwanted and not running car. You can get free car removal service for all cars that are derivable or not derivable. We do free car removal in all cases for all makes, all models. Our car removals Melbourne service is for all types of vehicles

  • Free car removals Melbourne
  • Free truck removals in Melbourne
  • Free ute pick up and removal in Melbourne
  • Free van removal in all suburbs of Melbourne
  • Free 4wds removals from all over the Melbourne

Free Car Removal with Cash

Car owners sometime think how to remove their unwanted car from their garage or property. And they even don’t know how they can get cash for their car removal. When they call to Metro car removals Melbourne team, then they surprized that we offer free removal with instant cash to customers. And they can get up to $8,777 depending on the make, model, year and condition of your unwanted car.

We always give high cash to car owners. We always provide top service in the form of handsome cash with all paper work and free removals.

Free car removals Melbourne service

Free Commercial Vehicle Removal

Our free car removals Melbourne service is not only limited to cars, you can also get free removals for all types of vehicle like heavy trucks, commercial vans and utes with 4wds. If you’ve trucks, vans, utes that are not alive or in running condition, contact us on 03 8707 4699 or 0431 403 630 and we’ll offer you handsome money for your vehicle with free removal.

Free commercial vehicle removals Melbourne

  • Cash and free removal for registered unregistered trucks
  • Free van removal with cash for all makes and models
  • Free ute removal in any condition: running – not running
  • Cash up to $8,999 for commercial trucks, vans, utes
  • Free vehicle removals in all suburbs of Melbourne

In line with efficiency and promptness, we make sure to settle our dues in the quickest way possible – paying you cash for vans. Your money against your used van will not stay tied up with us for even a moment – as soon as well make a deal and have your car removed, we will pay you in cash against your vans.

If you want a free quote, we welcome you to fill out and send us our online quote request form. Make sure you get the best deal for your unwanted cars – have us at Metro Cash for Cars service provide you the best deal and avail our option of cash for cars Melbourne!

We give top prices for all cars. You can get prices from other companies to compare our prices.

Free Car Removals Melbourne Service Areas

Claim your free car removal as well as free commercial vehicle removal for cash from all over the Melbourne suburbs. Below is the map which will give you a hint of your car removal.

free quote for car removals