Wrap it up and ready to go – that is just how easy it is to avail our services of car disposal Melbourne! Metro Car Disposal Melbourne rings to you access to the easiest and most convenient car disposal Melbourne. Whether your car has been totalled due to a bad accident or refuses to start – we can arrange to get your car picked up from any location in Melbourne and bring it to our facilities for proper car disposal.Cash for Car Disposal Melbourne

Our car removals Melbourne service is designed in such a way that you can get maximum cash for you unwanted and not running car. You can get free car removal service for all cars that are derivable or not derivable. We do free car removal in all cases for all makes, all models. Our car removals Melbourne service is for all types of vehicles

Why Car Disposal Melbourne

You could be looking to get your car disposed off due to numerous reasons. Its age might have made it irreparable, it may have become unworthy to drive on roads or it could have been involved in a bad accident. At times, this simple task becomes far more complicated than it sounds and the decision of getting rid of your unwanted car could boggle your mind.

Car Disposal


As a responsible citizen, you are required to be environmentally conscious while getting your car disposal arranged. The different metals in your car can cause damage to the environment if not properly disposed off. We make sure that our car disposal services do not violate any environmental laws and once all usable parts have been stripped off, the crushed remains are sent for recycling. By letting us handle your car disposal, you are ensuring that your car is disposed off in a proper and lawful way!

Car Disposal Process

Our car disposal Melbourne is executed in two steps. The very first thing we do is collect all parts and fluids in your car that can be reused. The second thing we do is use a crusher to crush the remains of your car and send it off for recycling. We make sure to eliminate the possibility of any of your car remains to become harmful for the environment.


Our car disposal process ensures that there is minimal wastage. At Car Disposal Melbourne, we make sure that your car is not just scrapped; it is properly disposed off in a responsible manner.cash for car disposal If you are worried about how much it could cost you – let us assure you that we provide our services of car disposal Melbourne at very reasonable rates. If you require any further clarification, we invite you to see for yourselves by filling out our online form and sending us a request for a free online quote! Our rates will amaze you.

Our experience as one of the leading providers of car disposal services has taught us one thing – to provide quality and convenience to all clients. In order to be the best, we make sure to provide you quick and efficient services so you need not stress about getting your car disposed off. So give us a call today at Metro Car Removals and we will be there to pick up your car!

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