How Cash for Cars Process Works

If you have an Old Damaged Unwanted Car Truck Van Or Ute that you want to sell or get removed,

Call Us on (03) 8707 4699 or Request An Online Quote.

With some vehicles we need to see the vehicle to give you an exact quote like late model damaged cars, Trucks,Vans & Utes that’s because we want to give you the best possible price for your vehicle. We come to you to value your vehicle free of charge.yes there is no obligation to pay us, its 100% free quote.

Once the quote is accepted by you, We book a time that suits you to drop It off to us or If your vehicle is not derivable or damaged we organise our own tow truck for removal of your car or truck at our own cost, yes its Free pickup,many companies charge you separate for the removal of your car and deduct it from the quoted price. We do not charge you for the pickup because we have our own fleet of 15 tow truck operators

Things to do before the removal of your vehicle.

  1. Remove all you personal belongings from the vehicle prior to collection,we can not be held responsible for their loss after the vehicle is removed.
  2. We need a photo identification of the person who will get the money and sign the disposal form.Like drivers license, passport,key card etc
  3. If you can not be present for the removal of your car, you can authorise some one else to act on your behalf.
  4. Make sure the vehicle is easily accessible by our tow truck operators ie, driveway or carport or on a side of the road,on the day of the pickup.



We do all the paperwork upon collection of your vehicle.

We will fill out a disposal of vehicle form and create a tax invoice for the transaction.

if you wanted to sell your vehicle with the license plates we will fill out a “Transfer of Registration Form” and submit it to VicRoads ourselves you do not need to go to Vicroads to transfer the registration to us.

You will get a copy of each form filled along with the Cash on the spot.

License Plate Information

Some of our customers do not have the time to go to VicRoads cancel the unused registration of the vehicle and some still do not know that they can get a refund for the unused registration back from VicRoads.

If you wanted to sell your vehicle with Registration we will fill out a “Transfer Of Registration Form” As we are a licensed Motor Car Trader you do not need to provide us with a Roadworthy Certificate and we keep the license plates, Or you can cancel the registration yourself and get a refund for the unused registration back from VicRoads by sending the plates back to VicRoads. click this link to go to VicRoads Website for more information.

Payment Method

We pay cash on the spot, we can do a bank transfer or cheque if preferred.

What We Do With Your Vehicle.

Our Business Has 3 Main Sections

  • Auto Parts Recycling
  • Used Cars Section.
  • Metal Recycling

Therefore We Buy Any Sort of Vehicles. Any Make & Model, Any Age.

  1. We use your vehicle in our parts Recycling program That What You Call Car Wreckers.
  2. We Are Licensed Motor Car Trader In Victoria So We Can Buy & Sell used cars, if you want to sell your car quick we can help.We Buy Over 50 Used Cars a Week because some people wants to Sell Their Car Quick that because they want to save all the Time,effort and hassle involved in selling their car private or they do not have the time to get a Road Worthy Certificate for their car that because you would have to provide the buyer with a current RWC if you are selling your car in Victoria.
  3. When We buy vehicles for recycling first we Pull out all the parts that we can sell and eventually use the shell of your car for our metal recycling program.Not each and every vehicle is recyclable for parts because of their age or model, there are many makes and models that we use only for our metal recycling export so please do not expect more cash for these sort of vehicles because it costs us a fortune to process it and get pure metal from your vehicle.

Note: You car should be complete in order to be picked up for free. We’ll charge $100 for pick it up.