Whether you use your truck for work or you simply commute a long distance to and from work it’s important to properly maintain it throughout the year. For companies, truck maintenance is even more important as vehicles are their significant assets. Since trucks are hardworking vehicles, one should take proper care of them. Proper maintenance is essential to extend its life and ensure its efficiency.

Clean your pickup truck regularly

Regardless of your job field, keeping the vehicle in good condition is necessary for it to run smoothly on a daily basis. Whether you are using your work truck to haul materials to and from your job site, it’s important you’re carrying out proper upkeep for your truck. Clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle on a regular basis. Simply do it yourself tasks like washing and waxing the exterior and vacuuming and wiping the interior not only keep the look and appearance but also increase its lifespan and minimize the probability of potential hiccups. There are many wash cleaners and exterior care products are available in the market that can help you in keeping your truck clean. Pay attention to content. Use the ingredients that are gentle on the metallic or plastic surface of your vehicle.

Regularly change engine oil and fluids

Replace oil and air filters. A clean air filter is essential because it enables the truck’s engine to breathe properly. Oil filters must be regularly changed with every oil change. They are very important in keeping the fuel system and engine running properly. Change the oil filter regularly to keep the truck’s engine lubricated and running efficiently. Use the recommended type of oil which is indicated in the owner’s manual. Fluids like coolant, brake, transmission, power steering and windshield washer fluids must be kept at a recommended level.

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Regularly inspect the suspension system

Regularly check the vital components of the truck such as the struts, springs, shock absorbents, and linkages. They will also get damaged over the years of use. You should always be conscious and look out for excessive road noise and vibrations. They are a very good indicator of a damaged suspension system. Also, check for the alternator and battery. Replace the battery when needed to prevent the truck from losing its power. Check the alternator if it is still properly functioning.

Safety Accessories

Regularly adjust belts, brake pads, hoses, drive belts, and timing belts and keep them in good condition. Don’t ignore any wear and tear in the truck. Worn out accessories or any other parts should be immediately replaced. They don’t directly associate with the mileage of the truck or its functioning but contribute immensely towards the safety of both vehicle and the person at the wheel.

Fix Tears in Leather and Vinyl

Upholstery shops charge too much to fix tears in your seats. You can do it by yourself in a few hours with a vinyl and leather repair kit which you can buy from any auto parts store. You’ll have to practice a bit to get the right color and it might not be perfect when you’re done, but it’s a lot better than driving around with torn seats. Start by gluing the fabric onto the underside of the torn leather or vinyl. Then mix the heat-set filler to match with your fabric color and apply it to the tear. Now find a textured mat that resembles most closely with the texture of your vinyl or leather and place it onto the liquid filler. Heat the patching tool with a clothes iron and press it onto the textured mat to fix it. Remove the patching tool, but keep the textured mat in place until the patch is dry.

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