Second generation Subaru XV

Second generation Subaru XV throws a big challenge towards smaller SUVs with genuine off-road cred. Subaru Australia is quite happy and excited all at the same time to introduce second generation XV small SUV. It was built on a same global platform that the Impreza was built on. The XV is almost 95% new and is simple, but yet it aims to meet the requirements of all the small SUVs buyers in the market. There is a single power train offering. Each individual model is now known to boast about its off-road cred that should help it win another soft-roader

They are hot on heels on the all new impreza as the second gen Subaru is being launched at the right time for this big Japanese brand. The sales figures of Impreza are huge and the numbers are quite encouraging. There have been many improvements made from the Impreza that is carried across in XV. This explains why the Australian management of Subaru is all excited about the impending arrival. The impreza has recently won a two way comparison against the Holden Astra. The major factors that determined the win were its technology, quality, fit and finish, and value for the money.

The line up and costs

The demand and thus the sales eventually for the smaller SUVs have grown in the automotive market. That has new features, premium finishes, and off road credentials to add to the list or to name a few. The Subaru XV 2.0i and Subaru 2.0i-S is priced at $27990 plus on road costs and $35,240 plus on road costs. The engine is 2.0liter four cylinder turbo petrol a continuously variable transmission. Some of the positives includes compliant chassis, technology inclusion on higher grades and offers enough space.

On the negative side its engine lacks punch, low specs misses out on safety tech and the CVT whines. Other XV models include XV 2.0-L at $30,340 and the V 2.0i Premium $32,140. Each of the variants includes a permanent all wheel drive with a single feature engine and transmission combination. The newly built four cylinder 2.0 liter boxer engine paired with a variable transmission. The combination generates 115kw and 196Nm that promises a fuel economy on a c combined cycle of 7.0L/100km.


Safety and technology

Safety and technology also plays a big part in the new XV but with new vehicle ranges. The most advanced safety technology is not available on the 2.0i entry model. It also has a rear view camera, cruise control, lane keep assist and lane departure warning has also been added to the upgrades. This is thus the first Subaru to feature lane keeping assist and reverse auto braking, although the latter is only available on the range topping XV 2.0i-S.





This is one of the most important features in the SUV and it is inherent practicality. It has a larger body to allow leg space. There is maximum luggage capacity with rear seats folded that increases to 24liters to 1240liters. The boot opens at 100mm wide and is more accessible.

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