1. The blue brothers – Evading the cops, both brothers drive through a toy store and crash lands in a mall.

  1. The terminator – The machine man crashes tons of cars, and the best part is when he rams it into a police station.

  1. National Lampoon’s Vacation – Griswolds’ wagon fly through the air and crashes into the ground that deflates all tires at once.

  1. Duel – Steven Spielberg ratchets up a titular feud between the car and the truck, where both go for a toss off the cliff.

  1. Death Proof – Stuntman Mike’s head on collision with the car shows that they met a terrible fate, all but in a slow motion.

  1. No country for old men – Anton Chigurh or Javier Bardem gets smashed by a car sideways. This was a real accident.

  1. The Matrix Reloaded – The chase scene is probably the best in the movie. The two semis smashing head to head is something of graphic nature and worth seeing in this movie.

  1. Final Destination 2 – One of the logging trucks lets loose all the load of timber on the road that results in a gruesome set piece that is worth watching.

  1. Armed and Dangerous – John Candy stuck on a freeway, tries to make an escape on a 16 wheeler and turns the interstate into a monster truck show.

  1. The Car – A possessed indestructible car makes a short work of cops, who made a big mistake of trying to play chicken.

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