Toyota Corolla – 4rth generation

The 4rth generation Toyota Corolla was more of a sophisticated beast, and also a satisfying car, than any other Corolla car that existed before. But before this generation got over, it would get even better. The 1979 Corolla finally released a rugged but a primitive leaf spring rear suspension in favor of a more compliant coil spring system with station wagon continuing to using the leaves. The brand new unibody system above the suspension was quite large with a wheelbase length now exceeding to 94.5 inches. It was much stronger, more attractive, and cleaner cut sort of way.

The new Corolla version

The new version is 75 horsepower with a 1.8 litre version of the OHV four that was optional on the new Toyota Corolla, with 4 and 5 speed manual, and 3 speed automatic transmissions are available. But finally it was the suspension work from the AMI that made Toyota Corolla stand out of the crowd and be a real drivers’ car. The modifications of this car were very basic and could be manufactured at any time. The same was done in the last 10 years. There were slimmer seats that replaced the tombstone like seats.

Behind the wheel

The front and the rear sway bars were increased to certain extent. The steering response was made more efficient and sharpened up for better performance to reduce any kind of roll. Shock absorbers were tightened in order to afford more handling general handling characteristics. This would ensure a tighter and a stronger ride without much brakes and bumps. The seat design was also redesigned. Plus instead of using old fashioned coil springs, we used rubber membrane for more comfort. The seat cushion was such that it won’t sag to just one driver, thus making it comfortable for other drivers to sit on it and drive.

Not simply a nanna’s cars

The car’s overall look and feel changed when we the grille was revised, head lamps were styled as well. Instrumentation on the CS model was pretty much basic. There was a speedometer, odometer, combination gauge for water temperature, and fuel level and also warning lights for various other functions. There was also a clock that was included along with the push button radio that was pretty standard. According to a survey conducted, it was known that, at least 58% of customers were buying their first new car and 16% never had a car of their own. 47% were under 29 years of age and at least 46% were single.

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