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How many times has it happened when you’re heading for work, and your car just won’t start? Even when it does, the lights are way dim and it feels like the car would stop any minute. And just in some time you find your battery completely dead.

Why does it happen? Is the battery in your car faulty? Did you not do enough to take care of it? There are a number of reasons your battery is fully drained. It could be because

  • After your ride, when you’re parked, some of your car parts were still running. It is known as parasitic drain. Although it is normal but sometimes this drain exceeds due to some electrical problem.
  • You may have left your car running. It’s only human. One might forget to properly un-key, or leave the headlights running only to find a massive battery drain overnight.
  • It could be an old battery. Or you may not have replaced it in time.
  • It has faulty charging. This drains your battery even when you’re driving.

If you figure it is because of the charging, you must get it a mechanic to check it immediately.

A battery needs replacing every 4-5 years. Make sure you do that in time.

If it is anything on your part try being careful. You can also check for the leaks yourself or have an expert do it for you. The wrecker yards in your suburbs offer car repair services as well. They look for any flaw and fix them in no time. All services offered are at a very reasonable price.

If the specialists suspect you need a replacement, you can find all kinds of dry and liquid batteries in their stock. All batteries in the wrecker yards are in great condition and quite affordable.