Most of the car users spend a long time on our rides. Our ride can start from dropping kids to school or a match practice, driving to and from daily office routines or just having a day at grocery stores. Remember how beautiful your car was the day when you brought it from the dealer. The newly fresh car odor, scratch less interior shining mirrors and glass, and brand new accessories were also turning your mood on. When it was new, we all loved our car so much; eventually, the shiny new status doesn’t go long.

The vehicle got old but did you know you could stop its aging process right from the start? An old vehicle needs lots of repairs and maintenance requirements. By making some small upgrades, you can keep your car shining and new for a long time. These upgradations and maintenance techniques help you preserve your vehicle and extend its life. Some of the damages are irreversible, and they need new parts, requiring a lot of money and degrading the value of the car.

It is the only source of your communication on the road, so you should think of it as your home. Keeping your car clean also helps eliminate harmful bacteria and give you a fresh and healthy environment. Also, it is scientifically proven that a neat and clean car makes you happy and pleased. Car’s tell a lot about their owners how they keep them.

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We have jotted down some tips and steps to help you clean the car with some upgradations within your budget.

These essential tips may cost you not more than 200$ and extend the life of your vehicle with having a beautiful good look.

  1. Wash, Clean and Organize:

Make a habit of removing the trash every time you come out of your car. Deep cleaning is a great idea once a year, but a daily dusting routine can make your dashboard look organize and clean. Investing in some fancy and expensive organization tools is not that necessary, keep it simple and try to carry less unwanted things. For the outer body, try to visit the excellent car wash once a month.

  1. Change your floor Mats:

The very first thing that gets dirty is the floor mats. Make sure to clean them after a couple of days and also vacuum the carpets. Or instead, use rubber floor mats that are weather appropriate. They will keep the carpet in good condition and prevents the growth of mould by the wet boots.

  1. Buy a pair of windshield wipers:

You know the importance of windshield wipers if you’re living in an area that gets real weather. Use microfiber cloth once a week to clean the blades and try to change them once a season. Wipers of old cars get weak eventually so if you need a steady ride and a clean look on the road, try spending some on buying a new pair of the wiper with motors.

  1. Get some seat covers:

Hours of driving and sitting on the seats make them feel old and beaten down. Also, their cushioning and shock absorption is torn and ripped. Cushioned seat covers are a comfortable solution for these worn seats and disturbing dilemma. Available in different colours and styles these cushioned covers make vibrant visual aesthetics of the interior and overall décor of your car.

  1. Shine the windows and windshield inside out:

For clear visibility and appearance of the car clean the windshield, mirrors, and windows inside and outside. Having kids in a vehicle increases the chance with crayon drawing, some sticker art or just a dirty hand of chocolate is enough to make the window dirty. Use your favourite window cleaner to do an excellent job of cleaning.

  1. Bodywork:

Throughout years your car gets many unwanted dents and damages and makes the body look rough and old. Try some DYI remedies like suction method or repair pens to fill scratches and removing dents and dimples for a spotless, shiny appearance.

  1. Preventive maintenance like Oil Change:

It won’t add a contribution to the overall appearance of your car. But to keep it in a good look you might also keep your ride in smooth running condition. Regular Oil checks, Fluids/Filters changing, water level, and belt checks keep your car on the road for more than your expected expiry time.

  1. Entertainment and Lighting Upgrades:

The factory default entertainment system will not give you that much fantastic experience. Sometimes, replacing the factory speakers and the addition of a smart LED with a fancy track player in the dashboard is enough to make a difference in your driving mood. Also, make some upgradations in the roof and window lights for a better and clear interior appearance.

  1. Deodorize car’s air conditioner:

From the intense heat of summer months car’s air conditioner is a source of relief and comfort. When you first bought your vehicle, it doesn’t smell the same way, and there is an unpleasant odour every time you ride your vehicle. This odour is due to moisture caused by mold forming and mildew in the system. Try using a disinfectant spray to eliminate this odour.

  1. Get New Wheels:

Like your shoes have an impression on your whole personality, think of car wheels and tires in the same way. They make the appearance of the car. Mostly commercial old cars came with cheap wheels and eventually, they show their age. Consider buying new high-performance wheels with tires if you like your car and want to have it for a long time.

Although times have changed and everyone desires to have a nice new car, following above mentioned ways helps you retain your car’s new look. If still you are unsatisfied with the results and it just becomes a piece of scrap that costs you more in repairs and consumption of space. Do yourself a favour and get rid of that car and regain the missing extra space in your garage.

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