One of the significant concerns these days related to environmental hazards is transportation. Air, water and noise pollution have increased with the number of vehicles has grown on roads. Unfortunately, these gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles emit lots of pollution in the air while idling and contribute to bad air quality and climate change. Some reports say an idle car wastes up to 0.5 gallons per hour and emits 20 pounds of CO2 against each gallon of fuel burned. Also, with the huge usage of fuel, its cost is in constant increase. Thus affording a car is not easy these days for many of us. As long as you have a car, you cannot deny a fuel budget, service and repair maintenance of your car.

That’s why everyone is practicing and involving themselves in fuel management techniques to adjust their car operation expenses. IDLE REDUCTION is one of the effective ways to reduce fuel usage and have control over the money spent on these petrol costs.

There are many ways and solutions to decrease the idling and keeping driver comfort and easy on priority.

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Everyone does it, and there are many valid and invalid reasons for these. Though they know their hazards and disadvantages, because so involved in busy schedules, responsibilities and hectic routines they forgot or avoid to turn off their engines. Many reasons come across for these events of idling such as:

  • Waiting for kids to come out of school.
  • Running to store for just an item or two.
  • Delivering a pizza or a letter and forgot, turning off the engine.
  • A casual talk with a friend passing by, and too lazy to come out of the car.
  • But there are some of the valid reasons that commonly occur like,
  • Waiting on a long signal,
  • Involved in a traffic jam or have to make a turn and waiting for the right time,
  • Allowing pedestrians to walk across the street.

All of them and many other occasions like these make us guilty in idling. Also, it is believed that restarting the engine consumes more fuel than idling. However, in reality, a car’s restart engine uses approximately 10 seconds of fuel in idling.

There are only two ways to avoid and reduce idling, behavioural strategies, and idle reduction technologies.

Behavioural Strategies:

Sometimes being lazy and not mentally active leaves you in an idle situation. Change your habits like;

  • Try to dine-in instead of go-through drives at restaurants.
  • Need to pick up someone, and you came early try finding a parking spot and relax there instead of burning fuel on the road sideways.
  • Cleanly park your car shut down the engine and then move out of your vehicle even if its for a minute.
  • Let your engine warm up by driving not by idling.
  • Try using modern batteries, they don’t need a constant running engine to charge them.
  • Use fan blowing instead of AC or Heater by keeping the ignition on and turning off the engine.
  • Like these try some other active habits to overcome idling.

Idling Reduction Techniques:

As discussed earlier, there are many reasons that drivers idle. Thankfully with the advancement in the auto industry, many IRT devices help drivers to turn off their main engine. Some of these are;

  1. Generators and auxiliary power units:

This device contains an approved emission certified engine. It helps in heating, cooling, and electrical power.

  1. Direct fuel heater:

These are small heaters that consume comparatively less fuel form an external supply or from the main engine. Their work is to supply heat only and can be used as a cooling system according to use and weather conditions.

  1. Battery operated systems:

In this system, batteries provide independent power to the electric cooling system and also collaborate with direct fuel heaters to supply heat.

  1. Thermal storage systems:

This mechanism supply heat energy when a vehicle is driven, heat is used to change the temperature of water lines with the help of a small electric pump. This system operates even the engine is switched off.

Invest in these fuel management and reduction devices and techniques to help you maintain your budget and keeping the environment less polluted.

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