If a car owner wants to know where his car is and does not want to install expensive tracking devices then there are so many different innovative Alternatives as well. Some systems have been developed as a free platform for all users.

There is no need to sign -paid contracts, wait for the installation of expensive equipment and learn how to use complicated programs that track the car.  These programs have been designed and implemented by the best programmers and tested by a team of testers, so the quality is very high and did not differ from the existing standards.

With the help of all the technology at the fingertips, there has to be a way to keep better tabs at the vehicles. No matter if you have a smartphone, there is. Various apps can remember where the car has been parked and how much it is easy to find the location. Below mentioned points can help to track the automobiles.

1: GPS for free:

It is not just a supposition, yes, there are stylish and expensive four-wheel rides which are just as expensive as they are classy. These grades of vehicular beauties often have engrained GPS technology amongst other safety-related features.

This GPS technology is not much expensive, no one would want to lose their money in the form of a poorly secured car. So the cars which do not come with this feature, it is necessary to improvise with the available resources at hand, in this case, the smartphones can do the job just perfectly. It might need a personal computer or another device with internet access to be able to locate the car in real-time.

2: Track the Car with a Cheap Phone and Mapping App:

Just buy a prepaid phone with a sturdy data plan. There is no need to spend a heavy amount on the phone. Go to the market and buy a cheap mobile for this purpose. Download a car mapping app that will work as a tracker. Most of the car owners prefer to custom to deploy the famous InstaMapper service to track their cars using a smartphone, but since the closure of the service, there have been numerous apps in the market.

Most recommend using is the Family Locator app. AccuTracking is another great tracking software for cars. But it costs the driver around $6 per month.

  • Enable internet access on the mobile.
  • Click on the settings option and turn on the internet.
  • If it is a cheap phone and not really a smartphone, so you will have to configure it manually to enable the internet.

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 3: Track the Car with a Small Gadget:

If it is not easy to use the above method and is too difficult or cumbersome, TrackR service can be used. It is a small gadget that pairs up with the smartphone to track the car. TrackR can be attached to the vehicle. It can be about from anywhere and can track it by enabling the GPS-on smartphone.

4: Different Apps to Track Car via iPhone:

There are different apps have been developed to track automobiles. Now it is very easy to find the location and save time. Here are a few apps which can be used for this purpose.

  1. Bello Studios:

This app is very easy to use. Just tap the “Mark Location” button when parking the car, name the location, save it, and close the app. When it needed to find the car, open the app, and location will be displayed on the map.

  1. Augmented Works:

Before to leave the car, open the app and tap the “I parked here” button. Then close the app. launch the app again when you need to drive the car. A large red arrow points in the direction of the car, and just follow that arrow towards the car. Anyone can easily change the parade from a conventional map to a satellite or between consistent or amplified reality maps, the latter of which shows the actual surrounding area so they can see what’s nearby their as they head to your car.

So by using one of the techniques, the drivers now can easily track their car through an easy way by saving their money and time.

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